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One of the Most Beautiful Golf Courses in Carver County.

Let’s play a game…..Winner receives a round of golf….FREE!!!

We will call it Abstract Name That Tune

How it works: My name for a song will mean the same as the actual song title. Be the first to e-mail me the actual song title and you will get a free round of golf. It’s a puzzle thing. I like puzzles.

Abstract Name That Tune for the week of Feb. 20th:

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E-mail me at: dave.tessman@dahlgreen.com

Portal to 2017 Membership Form

2017 Men’s League Registration Form now on site. Click on Events, Leagues above.

Traditions Restaurant and Jacqi Brantley will no longer be leasing the space at Dahlgreen Golf Club. Traditions and Jacqi will still host non-golf events booked with her in 2016 for 2017.

Please direct new event inquiries to Keith Hinrichs at 651-373-9712

F&B UPDATE: The new restaurant at Dahlgreen will be called Sticks Tavern. They have their own website currently under construction. Keep on checking this link: www.stickstavernmn.com

Questions Call: Keith Hinrichs at 651-373-9712