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The Autumn Harvest Scramble

Modified Stableford Scoring

Monday, September 4th, 2017
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2017 Autumn Harvest Information——— September 4th

2017 Autumn Harvest

Monday, September 4th, 2017


Format:            Two Person Scramble

Scoring:            Modified Stableford

                          (Combined Team Points)

                                    Eagle +5 Birdie +2 Par +1

                                    Bogey 0  Double Bogey –1

Flights:             Three Flights (½ Combined Team Index)

Time:                9:00 AM Shotgun (CDT)

Cost:                         Member $42

                          Non-Member $62

Includes:          Tournament Fee, Green Fee, Prizes, Lunch

                          (Price does not include cart)

Optional:          Skins Game ($20 Team)



2017 Results


2017 Bubba Big Cup——- July 15th

2017 Bubba Big Cup Results

Championship Flight

1st56 – Jake Gusa & Chase Paradise

2nd66 – John Kehrberg & Elroy Schmidt


#7- Eagle (3)- Jake Gusa & Chase Paradise

#16- Birdie (3)- Jake Gusa & Chase Paradise

#18- Eagle (2)- John Kerberg & Elroy Schmidt


First Flight

1st62 – Al Felmlee & Al Reisgraf

2nd63(scorecard playoff) – Chuck Norton & Mike Wilson

3rd63 – Tyler Holbrook & Connor Flaherty

4th68 – Scott Innes & Chad Edsworthy


#3- Eagle (3)- Cole Besser & Dennis Stapf

#5- Birdie (3)- Al Felmlee & Al Reisgraf

#10- Birdie (3)- Scott Innes & Chad Edsworthy

#13- Birdie (3)- Scott Innes & Chad Edsworthy

#14- Birdie (2)- Tim Reiter & Ted Nistler

#15- Birdie (3)- Mike Johnson & Andy Booty

#18- Birdie (3)- Al Felmlee & Al Reisgraf


Second Flight

1st66 – Keith Flatebo & Mike Lemire

2nd67 – Gene Elling & Cory Carrigan


#13- Birdie (3)- Gene Elling & Cory Carrigan

#14- Birdie (2)- Buck McInturf & Gary Neubauer

#15- Birdie (3)- Ty Stroman & James Dressen

#17- Eagle (3)- Keith Flatebo & Mike Lemire

2017 Nelly Memorial Spring Opener

2017 NellyMemorial Spring Opener

2017 Nelly Memorial Spring Opener



1st 56- Jake Gusa, Eric Wann, Chase Paridise, William Mateffy

2nd 58- Jon Blaha, Blake Pederson, Archie Bunker, Mike Upton

3rd 60- Chris Reeves, Dan Geske, Rich Raming, Steve Bloomquist

4th60- Zach Johnson, Ben Moen, Brian Deuel, Terry Gibbons

5th62- Brooks Laber, Chase Fife, Steve Battaglia, Adam Joehnke


1st– 52- Tom Laabs, Alan Reisgraf, Tony Vogel, Al Felmlee

T2nd– 57 – Chad Edworthy, Scott Innis, Paul Sparby, Randy Mullins

T2nd – 57- Doug Lenzen, Frank Emery, Mark Olson, Keith Hinrichs

T2nd – 57- Aaron Neubauer, David Neubauer, Mike Wolk, Tyler Wiiltse

Mega Proxy Winners

Hole #2– Steve Battaglia, Brooks Laber, Chase Fife, Adam Joehnke

Hole #6– Brian Deuel, Zach Johnson, Ben Moen, Terry Gibbons

Hole #9– Brian Deuel, Zach Johnson, Ben Moen, Terry Gibbons

Hole #12– Jake Gusa, Eric Wann, Chase Paradise, William Mateffy

Hole #14– Steve Leistiko, John Chapman, Dan Lynch, Dave Varner

Hole #18– Chad Edworthy, Scott Innis, Paul Sparby, Randy Mullins

Skins Winners

Hole #11 – Eagle – Jake Gusa, Eric Wann, Chase Paradise, William Mateffy

Thank you all for playing.

2017 Memorial Day Sweepstakes

2017 Memorial Day Sweepstakes

2017 Memorial Day Sweepstakes Results

Championship Flight

1st– Place


Jason Youngquist

Jeremy Youngquist

Ryan Erickson

 2nd– Place


Jon Blaha

Blake Pederson

Aaron Bunker

 3rd– Place


Tony Vincelli

Jason Rudquist

Dan Ubl

 Skins: Youngquist, Youngquist, Erickson- Eagle (3) on Hole 11 & Birdie (4) on Hole 16

Vincelli, Rudquist, Ubl- Birdie (2) on Hole 14

First Flight

 1st– Place

61 (scorecard playoff winner)

Dave Ebeling

Chase Ebeling

Cooper Ebeling

 2nd– Place


Dave Bragelman

John Tangen

Andrew Christensen



Jeremy Youngquist

Al Felmlee

Al Reisgraf



Matt Pacyna

Don Skerik

Brian Stangret

Skins: Ebeling, Ebeling, Ebeling- Eagle (2) on Hole 5

Pacyna, Skerik, Stangret-  Eagle (2) on Hole 10

Youngquist, Felmlee, Reisgraf- Birdie (2) on Hole 12

Dixon, Paul, Swaney- Birdie (3) on Hole 18

 Second Flight

 1st– Place

67 (scorecard playoff winner)

Eric Wann

Jordan Imdieke

Rob Kreuser

 2nd– Place


John Chapman

Steve Leistiko

Shawn Swenson



Kyle Holland

Ron Boettcher

Mark Brewer



Scott Innes

Chad Edworthy

Randy Mullins

Skins: Bulson, Burroughs, Behrens- Birdie (2) on Hole 2

Chapman, Leistiko, Swenson- Birdie (3) on Hole 4 & Birdie (3) on Hole 9

Holland, Boettcher, Brewer- Birdie (2) on Hole 6

Wann, Imdieke, Kreuser-  Birdie (4) on Hole 7

Johnson, Schauer, Tessman- Birdie (3) on Hole 8

2017 Dahlgreen Classic

2017 Dahlgreen Classic

Saturday, June 24

Tee Times starting at 8:00 AM

1 Person 2 Ball Scramble


2017 Dahlgreen Classic Results


Championship Flight

1stJustin Tangquist 66 (scorecard playoff)

2ndTony Vincelli 66

3rdJoe Tangquist 68


First Flight

1stAlan Reisgraf 62

2ndNate Simms 68

3rdDerek Burmeister 70

Top Net- Perry Wilkinson 63


Mega Proxies

CTP # 2 – Al Reisgraf

CTP # 6 – Brent Grossman

LD # 9 – Joe Tangquist

CTP # 12 – Brent Grossman

CTP # 14 – Brent Grossman

LP # 18 – Al Reisgraf

2017 Club Championships——– August 19th and 20th

2017 Club Championships

Club Championship Results

36 Hole Scores

Championship Flight

1st– Darin Nelson- 155

2nd– Chris Bixler- 156

T3– Tim Kerber- 157

T3– Tyler Erickson- 157


First Flight

1st– Al Reisgraf- 157

2nd– Dave Varner- 159

3rd– Dave Stueve- 161


Second Flight

1st– Perry Wilkinson- 165

2nd– Steve Leistiko- 169

3rd– Joe Murphy- 173


Third Flight

1st– Dave Tessman- 177

2nd– Dan Murphy- 182

3rd– Steve Horning- 191


Senior Flight

1st Gross– Dave Varner- 159

T1 Net– Tom Kerber- 146

T1 Net– Dan Murphy- 146


Junior Flight

1st– Bennett Olson- 184




2017 Autumn Harvest——— September 4th

2017 Autumn Harvest




2017 Die Hard——- October 2nd

2017 Die Hard

Sunday, October 2nd – 9:30am Shotgun

2 Person 6-6-6 Combo

Holes 1-6 Scramble

Holes 7-12 Best Ball

Holes 13-18 Alternate Shot

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2016 Winners

Click for complete results:  Champ Flight   First Flight   Second Flight

Championship Flight Winners

Jason and Jeremy Youngquist—66

First Flight Winners

Aaron Neubauer and Tyler Wiltse–75

Second Flight Winners

Jeff Youngquist and Al Felmlee—72

Thanks to all who played. It was great having you here!!!!!!!!!!

See you at the Pumpkin Oct. 29th!!!!

2016 Frosty Pumpkin———October 29th

2016 Frosty Pumpkin

Saturday, October 29th- 10am Shotgun

2 Person Alternate Shot Event

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2016 Frosty Pumpkin Winners

Complete 2016 results: Scariest   Scarier   Scary   Fearsome

Scariest Flight

Jon Empanger and Jeff Teal fired a 73 to win the Championship Flight….nice job.

Here is our 2018 calendar cover.

2016 Scariest Flight winners

Scarier Flight

Shawn Banyai and John Juntilla shot an 80

2016 Scarier Flight winners

Scary Flight

Kyle Haab and Dan Sjoblon shot an 82

2016 Scary Flight winners

Fearsome Flight

Dan Melheim and Brian Hopwood shot an 83

2016 Fearsome Flight winners


Thanks again to all who played. See you next May for the Spring Opener.